Security Systems

A reliable security system is absolutely essential in all places. We provide a broad range of high-end products in many areas. Radio Koch Marine Elektronik is known for its great flexibility that allows maximum costumation for our services. As an ideal solution for secure and convenient access control we install mechanical, mechatronic and electronic security systems ...

Video Surveilance Systems

Our closed-circuit television systems provide maximum security with the best devices available. We have designed special solutions that work in harsh marine environments and satisfy esthetic demands. Regarding the user interface (GUI) you can trust motto ‘keep it simple’. We also provide night vision cameras of the leading manufactorers.

Ocean View Stabilzed Thermal Imager

Supporting Navigation while cruising harbours or marinas, they help to detect and identify unlit buoys, semi submerged containers or floating logs. From the Security & Surveillance point of view they support the early detection of incoming targets and are essential in “Men Over Board” situations. The Camera implements a Daylight Colour, a Thermal and a Ultra-Low Light Camera.

Panomera Marine

With this completely new camera technology, a huge area can be surveyed from a single location in a highly efficient manner. Therefore the requirements for infrastructure are lower: where previously several HD cameras had to be installed, a single Panomera system is now enough. The system highly impresses with the unique combination of an overall view with simultaneous high detail resolution.

Biometric Access Control

In some situations, the use of keycards may not be suitable or sufficient. They can be lost, forgotten, given to someone else or manipulated. Some security environments require an exact verification of the user’s identity, which adds significantly to costs when done manually. The most accurate and cost-efficient way to identify people is through biometric fingerprint systems.

Doorphone Units for Yachts

Our Passerelle mounted intercom system can adjusted to your requirements. The standard version is equipped with two way audio intercom and megapixel video camera. The housing is completely made out of stainless steel. Bespoke engraving and finishes possible.